Miss Christy

Christy began her journey at Piano Loft at age 6 after playing a year with a family friend. She immediately got involved in the National Guild Auditions. When she turned 7, Miss Deb introduced her to the Paderewski program which stood as Christy's goal for the following ten years. 

At age 17, after playing and memorizing 10 new pieces every year, she received the Paderewski Medal (seen on slide 2). 

She left the studio for 2 years, but came back when Miss Deb needed a substitute teacher. And, as luck would have it, Christy stayed as both teacher and student. She is currently working hard towards earning her High School Diploma through the American College of Musicians, and is hoping to eventually complete the American College's 4 years of college as well.


Christy received her BS in Education from UW-Milwaukee. She utilizes her teaching strategies and techniques actively in her piano lessons, individualizing and customizing each lesson to fit the student's needs. Her goal is to foster both love and skill for the art.