The Experience

We put the students first.

The Piano Loft offers a unique experience in learning music. We put the focus on the student rather than the music itself, allowing them to flourish in not only their skill, but also their love for the piano. Our teachers use a variety of approaches to individualize each student's musical education. As we push the students to reach their potential as pianists, we also pace them in an effort to guide them towards the best they can be.


The Piano Loft is heavily involved in the National Guild Auditions which serve as a healthy but challenging motivator, providing all members with the goals we wish our students to achieve: excellence at every level of accomplishment, year after year.

Our teachers are well-educated in all aspects of music and continue to pursue their musical education. We all know that the journey will never end and enjoy the challenge of learning alongside our students. Two of our teachers learned here at Piano Loft, and all three were educated in piano at UWM's Peck School of the Arts. More than anything, we love to see our students achieve, because their success is ours. 

Our studios are extremely relaxed, homey, and comfortable. The teachers work hard to maintain healthy, strong relationships with the students and their families. From the moment you walk in, you will have an amazing experience learning to love and play piano.